Amethyst 紫水晶

July 09, 2018

紫水晶是眾多晶石當中較為普遍,除了坊間流傳紫晶對應第三眼輪位能增強值覺性外,紫晶的秘密武器是能幫助你毫不費勁地將癮症不知不覺中釋放;紫晶的高頻率可以將身體較低的能量排走,癮症是一種情緒的執著,當你生命經歷不如意,在當下找到了一個可以發洩或逃避的藉口,那個東西重複發生便成癮了。當身體感到不適,特別是抑鬱的感覺,將紫晶緊貼我們身體任何一部份,紫色的高頻率能使心境平和,再將相同頻率的薰衣草精油一起使用可以進一步開發第三眼接收宇宙的真理,情緒更加穩定,心境清如明鏡。(可見於Edger Cayce 13篇關於紫水晶的醫療記錄)。




Amethyst has a high enough frequency that noticeable to everyone and most people respond to it.  It resonates the third eye chakra, opening multidimensional awareness, developing psychic abilities and becoming open to receiving information from the other realms.  It associated with imparting patience and allowing people to release addictions with grace and ease.  The colour of the violet light can bring us the attunement of quieting whenever there is a feeling of depression or physical reactions that as a disease in the body.

Edger Cayce mentioned lavender in one of the readings.  If we could assign an essential oil to the same frequency as Amethyst, it would be lavender because it aligns with this energy and brings calm and peace to the user.

The descending triangles appearing on Amethyst points, raising the vibration to an exceedingly high level.  The triangles are the information imprinted from the ancient time which assists the consciousness-shift of planet Earth and to bring peace to all.