Tanzanite 坦桑石

June 15, 2020

Discovered in 1967 and now apparently mined out.  It is said that ancient legends link the shamans of Tanzania, dolphins, and Lemuria with this stone.  In addition to carrying the generic properties of Zoisite, this very high-vibration stone facilitates altered states of consciousness, metaphysical abilities, profoundly deep meditation, and inter dimensional travel.  Accessing Chris-consciousness and the Ascende Master, it facilitates living with more awareness.  Downloading information from the Akashic Record, this stone opens the subtle chakras so the next level of spiritual awareness can be accessed.  Ascertaining your true vocation, Tanzanite assists in coming to terms with life as you are living it now, rather than what might be.  Particularly helpful to overworked people, it evens out fluctuations of energy and assists in taking time for oneself.   Added to Iolite and Danburite and applied during past-life healing, Tanzanite dissolves off patterns of karmic decease and creates the space for new patterns to be integrated.  It is best worn on the right side of the body, but confirm by dowsing.

The Encyclopaedia of Crystals ~ Judy Hall