Moonstone 月亮石

July 10, 2018

月亮石故名思義是跟月亮有關係, 月亮石能將月亮的力量引下來。佩戴月亮石得到月亮的引力能誘發女性溫柔的一面,對女性周期也有幫助。男性使用月亮石也可以把內在女性的特點發輝出來,就如女性的細心,溫柔說話的特性,做事的細膩等等。我們内在不論什麼性別都帶有男女的特點,最吸引之處莫過於高大帥氣的男生有溫柔體貼的一面,溫婉柔順的女生有獨立剛強的一面。月亮的能量是引力,所以月亮石是將你所需的吸引過來。

月亮石的能量是周而復始,循環不息,就如我們身上所發生的事情也是不斷循環, 月亮石能夠令到你明白流轉的人生,能幫助你觀察一些平時你忽略的事情是對你人生十分重要,能令你理解生活上遇到種種的潛藏的意思,從而提升自己的直覺性, 洞察力。



Moonstone is in tune with lunar energy and the female side of your nature,  ease pain of menstruation and stomach problems.  We have both masculine and feminine energies within ourselves no matter which genders you are, you will feel the best when the Yin and Yang energy balance.  Yin is considered to be a feminine energy, receptive, allowing and attracting.  Yang is masculine energy, aggressive and dominating.  The Lunar energy will help you to draw things to you rather than acquire by yourself.

The momentum of the Lunar through the Rainbow Moonstone reminding us our on-going lives is cycle-of-cycle, helping us observe the things that are important to us which we ignore, understanding the hidden meaning of life, enhance our intuition and insight. 

If you need protection during travel, Moonstone is helpful.  The belief of protection derived from ancient time that the moon was shining upon the water and the moonstone connected with the lunar energy to shine on you in the dark.