Shungite 黑水晶

September 16, 2018

Shungite, 黑水晶,有超過20億年歲,能夠抗地緣性的疾病,有卓越的保護性。黑水晶形成的獨特過程產生了驚人的屏障和淨化功能,它由一種稀有的碳礦物-富勒烯所組成。它可以防止輻射,電磁和地理壓力(風水),微波和其他可以引致疾病的振動頻率。將黑水晶浸泡在水中數小時,能夠轉化水為活性生物物質,去除有害微生物和污染物。研究表示,Shungite 吸收農藥,自由基,病毒和細菌。它被認為是一種治療方法,一直被俄羅斯的水療中心用於治療。它可以促進身體健康,對免疫系統產生強大的影響。 在精神層面,Shungite的能量引入身體並植根於大地,轉化儲存在下三輪的情緒,恐懼、憤怒、壓力等等;也幫助心目中的理想落實。Shungite跟遠古有著強大的聯繫,修復古道和地球的經脈。它在各種形而上學的功能得到高度支持,並據說能加強預言能力。


Over two billion years old, anti-geopathogenic and profoundly protective, Shungite has a phenomenal shielding and purifying power that arises from its unique formation.  A rare carbon mineral, it is a composed of fullerenes.  It protects against radiation, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, microwave and other vibrational emissions, and the diseases these can create.  Immersed in water for several hours, it transforms the water into a biologically active life-enhancing substance, removing harmful microorganisms and pollutants.  Research shows Shungite absorbs pesticides, free radicals, viruses, and bacteria.  Reputed to be a cure-all it has long been used in healing spas in Russia.  Boosting physical well-being, it has a powerful effect on the immune system.

Shungite grounds spiritual energies into the body and anchors the body to the earth.  It has a powerful link to ancient earth energies, restoring ley lines and the earth's meridians.  It is highly supportive during metaphysical work of all kinds and a said to enhance prophecy.

Quote from The Encyclopedia of Crystal - Judy Hall