Ruby 紅寶石

June 10, 2020

Named from the Latin ruber, meaning 'red', Ruby is one of the Vedic healing gems and a major protector for family and possessions, being a powerful shield against psychic attack and vampirism of heart energy.  In years gone by it was fashioned into specific shape, a cabochon or carbuncle, and Ruby is often referred to by this name in ancient lapidaries.  Ruby is one of the warning stones, said to darken when danger to illness threatens.  It imparts visor to life but may overstimulate irritable people.  Ruby encourages passion for life, improving motivation and setting realistic goals.  This stone wants you to 'follow your bliss', promoting positive dreams and clear visualisation.  One of the stones of abundance, it aids in retaining wealth and passion.

The Encyclopaedia of Crystals ~ Judy Hall