Pyrite 黃鐵礦

May 15, 2020

  • 黃鐵礦另一為人熟悉的名稱為Fool's Gold。
  • Pyrite源自希臘語,意為“火石”,因為據説黃鐵礦是一種點燃的石頭,火種在其核心處。
  • 黃鐵礦在各個層面上阻止負面能量和污染物入侵,也防止能量從身體及氣場流走,是出色的能量保護網。
  • 黃鐵礦能夠創造積極的前景、幫助看到面紗背後真實的情一面。
  • 對於自卑感重的男性很有幫助,能增強男子氣概的信心,但對於“猛男”來說可能過於強大,而變得過份侵略性。
  • 黃鐵礦效果非常迅速,對解決業障和心身疾病的根源特別有幫助。而立方體的黃鐵礦能擴展思維能力,平衡本能、直覺性、創造力與分析能力。

Known as Fool's Gold, Pyrite comes from the Greek for 'Firestone' because it was believed that Pyrite, a sparking stone, held fire in its core.  An excellent energy shield.  Pyrite blocks out negative energy and pollutions at all levels, preventing energy, leaks from the physical body and aura, protecting subtle and physical bodies, and deflecting harm.  It creates a positive outlook.  This stone sees behind a façade to what is.  Helpful for men who feel inferior, it strengthens confidence in masculinity but may be too powerful for 'macho' men, initiating aggression.  Pyrite is very fast-acting and is particularly helpful for getting to the root of karmic and psychosomatic disease.  Cubic Pyrite expands and structures mental capabilities, balancing instinct with intuition, creativity with analysis.

The Encyclopaedia of Crystals - Judy Hall