Purpurite 紫磷鐵錳礦

May 13, 2019

Purpurite, 中文譯名紫磷鐵錳礦, 它能幫助你在公共場合清晰自信地演講,讓你安心及明白沒有任何外界可以影響你的觀點立場。這塊礦物可以促成房屋銷售,尤其是遇到不利的環境和社區力量阻礙,是前世帶來的衝突。 Purpurite還可以打破令你陷入困境的舊習慣或態度。幫助開闢靈聖及開悟的道路,助你在不受阻礙的情況下達到高頻率的對應和進步。 Purpurite具有出色的能力來滋潤身體和精神層面,能夠克服任何情況的疲勞和沮喪。增加警覺性和對新意見的接受性。


Purpurite helps you speak in public with clarity and confidence, safe in the knowledge that no outside influence can interfere with the dissemination of your views.  This stone facilitates a house sale when adverse environmental and neighbourhood forces block the sale, especially where past-life conflict is being re-created.  Purpurite can also break old habits or attitudes that keep you imprisoned or mired in old ways.  Opening the way to spiritual evolution and enlightenment, it helps you reach a high spiritual vibration and progress without hindrance.  With excellent energizing properties for the physical and mental bodies, Purpurite overcomes tiredness and despondency at any level.  It increases alertness and receptivity to guidance and new ideas.

Content from "The Encyclopedia of Crystals"