Mala 念珠

July 13, 2018


念珠取108為其數意義深遠,涵蓋整個宇宙。其中之一是,大陽的直徑是地球的108倍,兩者的相距也是太陽直徑的108倍。所以108是無處不在,象徴圓滿,天人合一, 跟宇宙聯繫,開啟智慧。



The Mala originally used by ancient India for counting, one bead representing a certain amount, and then developed to a string of beads for chanting.  They used it to help them meditate, go for deeper consciousness.  For many spiritual aspirants, simply having them nearby will help to keep you connecting to a meditative state, and become more calm and concentrated.

Going back to the ancient Vedic culture, their mathematicians knew that 108 was the number of existence.  The Sun’s diameter is 108 times of the diameter of the Earth, while the Sun to Earth distance is 108 times the Sun’s diameter. So everywhere you turn, there’s 108!  It is a connecting, perfection and intelligence symbol. 

Generally, we use 108, 54 and 18 for the Mala, and the master will be using 1080.
54 is half of 108, it is relatively portable and allow to use bigger beads for the Mala.