Chrysocolla 硅孔雀石

September 16, 2018

Chrysocolla的名字來自希臘語 chynos,“金” 和 kola,“黏合”,因為它是用於焊接金屬的材料。硅孔雀石是一種出色的氣場清潔劑及強而有力的能量導管, 能浄化氣埸,相應所有脈輪,是冥想和溝通的好幫手。它讓你在寧靜的狀態下明白事物都是在不斷流轉變化,排除壓力,它可以幫助你不偏不倚地說出內心的話,消除面對公眾的恐懼,在適當的時候幫助保持沉默。硅孔雀石有利於人際關係,穩定家庭關係。消除個人負面情緒,扭轉破壞性的固有模式,治愈心痛,增加愛的力量。

Chrysocolla is named from the Greek word chynos, "gold", and kola, "glue" as it resembled material used for soldering gold.  An excellent auric cleanser and powerful energy conduit, this is a useful stone for meditation and communication.  It let you accepting serenity situations that are constantly changing.  Helping you remain impartial and speak your truth.   Assisting communication yet aiding in keeping silent when appropriate. Beneficial to relationships.  It draws off negative energies, stabilizing the home.  Drawing out negative emotions, it reverses destructive programming, heals heartache, and increases the capacity to love.  
*Content from The Encyclopedia of Crystal - Judy Hall 
*Translation by OM.Theplacement