Bornite (Peacock Ore) 孔雀銅礦

May 11, 2019

Bornite (Peacock Ore) 孔雀銅礦
Bornite是跟一位18世紀的礦物學家Ignaz von Born的名字命名,中文譯作孔雀銅礦。
中文譯作孔雀的原因除了是色彩斑斕顏,我相信是因爲此石有重生的意味。孔雀銅礦能夠把沉重的環境改變,為生活帶來新鮮感和嶄新的經歷。 它把身體、思想、情緒及靈魂融合,互相徹底溝通。孔雀銅礦另一獨特之處是教你如何在極輕微的壓力下談判,鼓勵你享受當的快樂。它也是極好的防負能量礦物,它可以過濾及轉化不再相關的消極情緒。開啟你內在超自然的能力,增強內心接收信息的信心及應知整個過程,並可透過觀想去創造現實。

Name after Ignaz von Born, an 18th-century mineralogist, Bornite is an excellent tool for rebirthing work.  Transforming heavy situations, it brings a freshness and newness to life.  Integrating mind, body, emotions, and soul, Bornite teaches you how to negotiate obstacles with the least stress, encouraging you to find happiness in the present moment.  Excellent protection against negativity, which it transmutes, it identifies the source and filters out that which is no longer relevant.  Opening metaphysical abilities, Bornite enhances inner knowing teaching how to trust the process and information you receive.  Assisting with visualization and creating your own reality, it can be programmed to send healing from a distance and should be worn over the thymus of the patient.

*Content from 'The Encyclopedia of Crystals"