Heliodor 黃綠柱石

August 11, 2018

Heliodor 黃綠柱石以希臘語的名字命名,意思是“來自太陽的禮物”,這種綠黃色的Beryl品種將為你提供源源流不絶的太陽能量。 Heliodor加強了太陽神經叢脈輪,為你提供富足,財富和力量。

Heliodor有時與Golden Beryl互相混淆,Heliodor指的是黃綠色,而純Golden Beryl則呈現深淺不一的黃色。 療癒的綠色色調支持你敞開心扉,加強你心的力量。 如果你正在努力去完成一件事情或是一個計劃,黃綠柱石是最佳的晶石給予你勇氣及力量, 黃綠柱石中鐵的屬性是由大地而生,它將助你將項目落實並及時完成。 

Heliodor named for the Greek words which mean 'gift from the sun', this greenish-yellow variety of Beryl will connect you with solar energies.  Heliodor strengthens the solar plexus chakra, making abundance, wealth, and power available to you.

Sometimes confused with Golden Beryl, the Heliodor refers to the greenish-yellow variety, while the pure Golden Beryl has a yellower colour.  The healing green hues support you to open your heart and stand in your power. Heliodor is an excellent stone to strength or courage for any endeavour or project.  The property of iron is the grounding metal which will resolve to follow your heart and complete your projects in a timely manner.