Spinel Kyanite Bracelet

  • 6mm圓形切割尖晶石
  • 尖晶石:引伸海底輪能量上升至脊椎/恢復體能及活力/遇到困境時有鼓勵作用/增加個人正面的個性/促進和諧的成功要素
  • 4mm 圓形及5x8mm三形切割藍晶石
  • 14K 玫瑰包金
  • 香港設計及製造
  • 了解更多藍晶石
  • 6mm Round Cut Spinel
  • Spinel: Facilitate movement of Kundalini energy up the spine/energy renewal/encouragement in difficult circumstances/enhancing positive personality/facilitates success with humility 
  • 4mm Round 5x8mm Triangle Tube Kyanite 
  • 14K Rose Gold Filled
  • Design and Made in Hong Kong
  • Learn more about Kyanite

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