Rose Quartz Massage Wand #2 粉晶按摩棒

按摩棒 - 產地 澳洲

粉晶是癒合心臟和心輪的最重要的水晶,帶來無條件的愛和無限和平的心境。這美麗的晶石頭促進你接受各種的美。。。了解更多粉晶  加入我們獲取專屬優惠

Massage Wand - from Australia

Massage on a clean face for lifting and smooth out wrinkles. Massage at lymphatics area for detoxifying.  Natural crystals high vibration can amplify the function of the good quality skin products. 

Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for healing heart and the heart chakra. This beautiful stone promotes receptivity to the beauty of all kinds. ...learn more about Rose Quartz    Sign up for an exclusive offer

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